Baucom Institute for Longevity and Life Enhancement

“We get lots of hugs from our patients.” That’s just one of the personal rewards that Dr. Karan Baucom has experienced through her private practice as the lead physician at the Baucom Institute for Longevity and Life Enhancement in Overland Park, Kansas.

Dr. Baucom spends an hour with each new patient getting to know the patient’s symptoms and complete medical history; that is just the beginning. Dr. Baucom also asks each patient detailed questions about their diet, exercise regimen and sleep habits. 

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My Favorite Entrepreneurs Series: David Ulrich - A Man with Vision

Vintage frames are in! But that’s no surprise to David Ulrich, owner of the four Spectacle Shoppes in the Twin Cities. He knew they’d come back, long before the fashion industry did.

David started collecting vintage frames early in his career as an optician. But, unlike many who create a personal collection of items related to their profession, David went far beyond that.

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My Favorite Entrepreneurs Series: Dr. Man – Artist and Plastic Surgeon

  “Most people see what is and not what can be.” ~ Albert Einstein

 If we accept the truth of this quote from Albert Einstein, we can be confident in our assertion that Dr. Daniel Man is not ‘most people,’ both as it relates to his profession as a plastic surgeon and to his skills as a scientist and artist.  

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The Last Website Page You Should Write

If you’re not a copywriter, you may not have thought about the order in which website pages should be written. Or, if you have, you might assume that you start with the first page, the home page, and move on from there.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Start at the beginning, the first page most people see. It’s the most important. It’s the store front, the billboard of your online presence.

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