Why you should hire a poet to write your website copy

Rhyming website copy?

LOL!  Of course not!

But, true poetry isn’t about rhyme at all.

I like this definition from Britannica:

“Poetry is a type of literature or artistic writing that attempts to stir a reader’s imagination or emotions. The poet does this by carefully choosing and arranging language for its meaning, sound, and rhythm.”

The poet’s challenge is to communicate powerful and emotive concepts using concise and purposeful language in creative ways.

Isn’t that what you want for your website communication as well…a creative and economic use of words?  Words that stir the emotions of your audience and brings them to the conclusion – “This is what I need!”

Ernest Hemingway was a novelist, but he also understood that every word and sentence he wrote had to have a distinct purpose in the story. He is credited with writing the famous six-word story: “Baby shoes for sale. Never worn.”

It’s all about thoughtfulcreative…word choice.

It should be no surprise that this website copywriter (The Crafter of Words) is also a poet.

Consider this before and after of an About Us page I recently re-wrote.


Odegard Benefit Services, LLC works with companies and their employees to establish and maintain effective employee benefit programs.From plan design to enrollment to renewal and COBRA administration we take on the administrative tasks without any added expense.

Jim Odegard has assisted companies in their employee benefit programs for over 20 years. Jim served in the U.S. Army as a Special Operation Engineer prior to earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota. In addition, he holds a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist designation from the University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School. 


Simplifying Employee Benefits for Businesses for Over 20 Years

SIMPLIFIED Employee Benefit Program
We handle it all, from plan design and renewal negotiations to employee enrollment, education and COBRA administration. You can focus on running your business like you should.

SIMPLIFIED Compliance & Administration
Forget about staying informed on the Affordable Care Act and other government regulations. That’s our job. We’ll make sure your company is in full compliance with current and future requirements.

Our quote covers all of our services. There are no extra add-on fees per form or per employee.

Jim Odegard is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist and owner of Odegard Benefit Services, LLC. He considers the trust and confidence you place in our services to be our most valuable asset. We guard it carefully.

Call or email to schedule a consultation with Jim or to receive further answers to your questions.


Which would you prefer the “poetic” copy or the traditional About Us?

So next time you interview a copywriter for your website copy, you might consider asking the question… “How’s your poetry?”

PS: if you want to check out my poetry in verse, you can read that here.