How it works

Step by step

I've found I get the best results when I can talk with a business owner directly. Dozens of interviews with entrepreneurs over the years has shown me that each one is passionate about his business and his brand distinctive. No one will communicate that passion to me better than the business owner or high-level marketing executive. This call can be via Skype or telephone and typically lasts 30-60 minutes.

The Copywriting Action Plan will show the basic layout and purpose of each piece of content, along with the word count for headings, subheadings, text and bullet points for each page. For those purchasing the WIY Action Plan, the final document will give the website owner all they need to start, and finish, the three core pages of their website – Home, About, Services.

A schedule for copy delivery will be developed so the copy and design process is in sync. Copy will be written based on the client interview and the web designer's layout plan for the pages. Copy will be reviewed first by the web designer and then the client. Revision requests will be completed within 48 hours. With prompt approval from the client, website copy for 3-6 pages can usually be completed within two weeks or less. 

Your website copy will speak to the needs and pain points of the targeted audience; it will focus on the benefits offered and why your client is the best solution to their problem. Clear calls-to-action will be created to capture leads and encourage actionable response. Content will be engaging to visitors and meet the quality approval of search engines. The copy will complement the visual design, creating a website that is appealing, user friendly and conversion-focused. On-page SEO will be incorporated using current best practices.